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Touches help create a welcoming  and luxurious environment

매월(때에따라 달라지기도함) 체인지되는 새롭고 아름다운 디자인의 식물이나 난플랜트을 마주하는일은 지속적으로 감사와 좋은 인상을 남길수있는 매우 즐거운 일이 될것입니다. 

How to Care

- Orchids should be watered every 5-7 days, or when the pot feels light.

- Do not over-water, and make sure it’s not sitting in excess water.

- It is important that your orchid does not get any direct sunlight on its leaves.

- Orchids prefer warmer temperatures and do well in regular “in house” temperatures of between 60-75.

- Your orchid will be happiest in a well-ventilated area with about 60% humidity.

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